Castor Oil

27.60SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

castor oil from Wadi Al nahil, 100% natural oil

Castor oil benefits for hair

Reducing hair loss: Castor oil may help reduce hair loss and strengthen it
Preventing hair damage: Castor oil can contribute to reducing split ends and making the hair appear healthier

Castor oil benefits for skin

Moisturizing: Castor oil can be a good moisturizer for dry skin and can be used to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness
Use for lip softening: Castor oil can be used to moisturize and soften dry and chapped lips
Use in skin exfoliation: Castor oil can be mixed with other oils to prepare a natural skin exfoliate that helps improve skin texture
Improving the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes: Castor oil can be used on eyebrows and eyelashes to improve their texture and moisturize them, helping to promote their growth and make them appear denser


Castor Oil