Luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey (1000g) Luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey is obtained from the mountainous areas in the valley of the mountains of Kashmir, and has been used since ancient times in alternative herbal medicine. Wadi al-Nahl offers honey of the highest quality, free of preservatives, characterized by its reddish-brown color and good taste. It is better in health to rely on it as an alternative to harmful white sugar in sweetening drinks and juices. The color of honey varies depending on the season of harvest and the bees’ food on the nectar of flowers. Cashmere Sidr honey is considered the highest type of honey that contains antioxidants, as it contains 18 times more than other types of honey. It was given as a gift to kings and leaders, as it is the honey of kings.


What are the advantages of luxurious Kashmiri Sidr honey (1000g)?

  • It contributes greatly to enhancing and strengthening the immune system.
  • Treats indigestion and irritable bowel problems.
  • It helps in increasing the rate of burning fat in the body and thus losing excess weight.
  • It strengthens muscle mass and is very beneficial for athletes.
  • Treats anemia and provides the body with energy and vitality.
  • It improves skin and skin health.

Are there warnings about using luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey (1000g)?

Yes, honey of all kinds should not be given to newborns under one year of age so as not to cause them what is called (food poisoning syndrome). Pregnant women should not eat honey in the first months of pregnancy, because it causes contractions of the uterus and is useful for facilitating natural birth in the last months of pregnancy and for nourishing the mother and fetus.