Who are we?

Wadi Al-Nahl was founded in 1984 by Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Al-Jumah. For over 37 years, the name Wadi Al-Nahl has been synonymous with Saudi quality on a global scale, and our commitment to continuous development and innovation has been unwavering.

Wadi Al-Nahl Investment Group is one of the leading Arab companies in the production and manufacturing of food products. We have adopted a wide-ranging marketing and distribution strategy that has allowed us to reach all food and consumer outlets across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through this strategy, Wadi Al-Nahl has achieved significant growth, increasing its market share and gaining widespread fame for our quality products. We prioritize credibility with our customers and trust in their choice of our superior quality. We cover all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with our products and continuously seek geographic expansion to reach every corner of the Kingdom. We offer a wide range of food products to our customers in the Kingdom and constantly work on product diversification and development based on deep insights gained from listening to and understanding our customers’ needs.

We have obtained ISO certification.

ISO 9001 - ISO 22000 - ISO 22716